Scottie Yang

Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. A risk-taker in all facets of storytelling.


About Scottie

About 12 years ago I packed my car with all I had, called a buddy in L.A., and asked if I could crash on his couch so I could find a gig in film or television. In a week of time crashing with my buddy, I lined up interviews. I had an interview on a Monday, was offered the job on a Friday, and started my first day that following Monday.  That was my entry point into the business and I have been learning and growing ever since.

After about five years of working in television post-production, I began to produce content for my own clients. This has led me to become a multi-faceted producer, with the ability to film, produce, and edit projects. 

Here in the Phoenix area, I continue my work as a leader in creative storytelling. My growth continues as I enter the next phase of my career from sitting in the editor’s chair, or holding the camera in the field, to directing teams and crews executing the creative strategy. I’m a hands on leader, willing to step in and get my hands dirty while uplifting the people around me.

I am a proud member of the Arizona Production Association and have a vast network of other independent video/tv/film professionals that I continually collaborate on a wide range of projects.


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